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Our Team

Our team is a forward thinking progressive company that strives for the highest level of excellence in customer service and product delivery.


At TC, we seek clear sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life. We take responsibility seriously because TC's work often places us at the center of our clients' challenges regarding environment, safety, and sustainability.


These challenges often involve the opinions of many stakeholder groups from the public, industry, and government who seek TC's advice on complex issues.


To provide solutions to these challenges, we believe in maintaining our technical objecivity, and as a policy, we do not own individual technologies.

Our Experience

We have earned our reputation for technical objectivity. We have helped cities, industries, and governments find sustainable solutions to complex issues concerning resource management and infrestructure.


We assist clients with projects as wide ranging as designing progressive "green" buildings to performing pollution prevention plans. TC has helped many Fortune 500 companies balance their varied environmental needs with their business goals.


We also encourage our professionals to participate in outreach programs. TC associates participate in many non-profit agencies and projects within their local communities.

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